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Nenya is a cloud computing powerhouse, offering a spectrum of services including SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS. We specialize in cloud integration services, providing scalable, secure, and reliable solutions to meet the dynamic needs of your business.

Why Choose Nenya?

Freedom to Choose

We give you options, not restrictions. Our vendor-neutral advice means your solutions are tailored for you, ensuring flexibility and cost savings.

Green and Keen

We blend tech innovation with eco-awareness. Your growth meets green goals, making success sustainable.

Custom-fit Solutions

We listen, then act. Our partnerships are your advantage, creating solutions that fit just right.

Clear Communication

We’re on your team. Using straightforward tools and practices, we align closely with your goals. No jargon, just clarity.

Ahead of the Curve

We embrace change. Our team’s drive for what’s next means your business stays ahead, always.

With Nenya, you get more than services; you gain a partner committed to your success. Let’s shape the future together.

Our Features

Unlock the full potential of your project with our versatile plans – Basic, Growth, and Pro. Enjoy all our features across every plan, with the only difference being the number of providers included. No hidden costs, just seamless scalability tailored to your project’s needs.

Managed Kubernetes Cluster

Nenya’s Kubernetes cluster empower your applications with scalable, resilient, and efficient deployment. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in setup, management, and optimization to ensure your infrastructure aligns with the highest standards of agility and reliability.

SQL Database

Experience unmatched database reliability with Nenya’s Managed SQL databases. Whether you need Standalone or High-Availability configurations, our automated scaling, backup, and recovery processes safeguard your data's integrity and ensure its constant accessibility.

NoSQL Database

Tap into Nenya’s proficiency in NoSQL database management. Our cater to a variety of data structures and are designed for scalable performance. Choose between Standalone and HA setups for a solution that best supports your evolving data requirements.

In-Memory Database

Boost your application's performance with Nenya’s Managed In-Memory Database, featuring Redis. Our offerings are tailored for high-speed access and scalability, perfect for applications demanding rapid data retrieval and processing.

Multi-provider Computing Instances

Maximize the potential of your cloud resources with Nenya’s multi-provider computing instance management. We ensure your setup is optimally configured, maintained, and monitored, letting you harness the full benefits of cloud scalability and diversity.

Managed SaaS

Simplify your DevOps with Nenya’s comprehensive SaaS solutions, including Gitlab, Argo, and Vault. Our features support continuous integration and deployment, secure secrets management, and efficient workflow orchestration, encapsulating the core of modern DevOps practices.


Advance your cloud strategy with Nenya’s consulting, covering everything from architecture review to cost optimization. Our tailored approach focuses on leveraging automated solutions and best practices to drive your growth and refine your cloud and DevOps infrastructure.

Architecture Review

Address your growth challenges proactively with our architecture review and High Availability. We evaluate and optimize your infrastructure for scalability and resilience, ensuring it evolves in alignment with your business objectives.

Proactive System Monitoring

Benefit from Nenya forward-looking monitoring solutions, designed to identify and rectify issues before they impact your operations. Our proactive stance on system monitoring underpins our commitment to your infrastructure's performance and dependability.

Collaboration Process

Diagnostics: Initial Assessment and Foundation

Start with a Business-Goal-Discovery session to clarify business objectives and introduce the benefits of DevOps. Follow with Technical-Goal-Discovery, assessing software and IT operations to identify areas for improvement, considering business goals, timeframes, and budgets. Conclude with a Co-Diagnostic phase, involving stakeholder interviews and system analyses to create a detailed, actionable plan

Design: Crafting the Blueprint

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we move to the Design phase, where we collaboratively develop a plan that caters specifically to your requirements. This phase emphasizes devising practical solutions that not only meet your immediate needs but also align with your future growth objectives. By its conclusion, you will possess a detailed blueprint aimed at realizing your business ambitions.

Deploy: Executing Your Plan

In the Deploy phase, we actualize your tailored plans and designs, seamlessly integrating these solutions into your business framework. Our objective is to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation that harmonizes with your existing operations, focusing on delivering tangible results and quantifiable achievements.

Training and Support: Enhancing Capabilities

The Training and Support phase goes beyond just implementing solutions. This stage is committed to empowering the team with essential training and resources, enabling proficient management and optimization of the new systems. The objective is to ensure enduring success, allowing the team to sustain and augment the advancements and benefits achieved through our collaboration.

Our Clients

Pricing Packages

Our pricing is as flexible as our services. Choose the plan that fits your business needs, with no hidden costs.


Ideal for startups and small-scale operations.
Up to 20 vCPUs utilization​
Up to 40 GB Ram consumption​


Starting at

1,900 CAD /mo

1 Providers per project


For businesses seeking more diversity in their cloud solutions.
Up to 20 vCPUs utilization​
Up to 40 GB Ram consumption​


Starting at

3,900 CAD /mo

2 Providers per project


Perfect for large-scale, complex environments.
Above 100 vCPUs utilization​
Above 400 GB Ram consumption​


Starting at

9,100 CAD /mo

More than 3 Providers per project

Our Team

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