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hand finger pointing cloud technology
hand finger pointing cloud technology

Nenya: Redefining Cloud Innovation

At Nenya, we're not just cloud consultants; we're pioneers reshaping the digital future. Our mission goes beyond traditional cloud computing, focusing on crafting advanced digital infrastructures that propel businesses into new realms of efficiency and agility. Driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, we anticipate and shape the future, keeping our clients ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Our team is a dynamic blend of seasoned cloud strategists and visionary tech enthusiasts, each bringing a depth of expertise and a commitment to transformative solutions. We pride ourselves on demystifying the complexities of the cloud, empowering our clients with knowledge and tools for informed decision-making. Our approach is rooted in collaboration, ensuring that every partnership is a journey towards growth and success.

Nenya is dedicated to ethical and sustainable cloud solutions. We champion environmental responsibility and data ethics, striving to make the cloud a space that's not just technologically superior but also socially conscious. Join us in redefining the cloud, where innovation, responsibility, and client success converge to create a brighter digital future.

Why Nenya?

Innovative cloud service


Nenya offers a groundbreaking approach to cloud computing, enabling businesses to choose the best cloud services without being tied to a single provider. Our solutions are designed to be agile, scalable, and adaptable to any business requirement.

Customer centric service

Customer-Centric Approach

Understanding that every business has unique needs, we provide bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your operational goals, ensuring that you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Advanced could service


Utilizing the latest in cloud technology, Nenya's services are built for performance, security, and reliability, ensuring your business is always on the leading edge.

Our Services

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Development

Evaluate current processes, collaborate on a tailored DevOps strategy, and create a roadmap for implementation, including tool recommendations.

CI/CD Implementation

Design and implement CI/CD pipelines, integrating version control, automated testing, and deployment frameworks to enable frequent, reliable software releases.

Vendor neutral

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Automation

Implement IaC using tools like Terraform or Ansible, automating infrastructure provisioning and configuration for scalability and version control.

Cloud dashboard

Containerization and Orchestration

Guide adoption of Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for orchestration, optimizing environments for efficiency, performance, and scalability.


Hear from our satisfied clients who have transformed their cloud operations with Nenya's solutions, experiencing improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced performance.

As CTO of Bourseeye, I was focused on building a superior product. But I knew that I needed help with infrastructure and scalability. That's when I found Nenya. They helped us to develop a strategy that met our specific requirements, As a result, we are now able to scale our product to meet the demands of our growing user base. We are very pleased with the results of our partnership with Nenya. We would highly recommend Nenya to any company that is looking to improve their infrastructure and scalability.
Partnering with Nenya Cloud Consulting was a transformative experience for Forequest. Their innovative strategies significantly optimized our cloud costs, diversified our cloud solutions, and streamlined our CI/CD pipeline. Their expertise not only enhanced our security but also catalyzed substantial operational efficiencies, marking them as an invaluable asset to our company's growth.


Pricing Packages

Our pricing is as flexible as our services. Choose the plan that fits your business needs, with no hidden costs.


Ideal for startups and small-scale operations.


Starting at

1,900 CAD /mo


Starting at

4,600 CAD /mo


Starting at

9,100 CAD /mo


For businesses seeking more diversity in their cloud solutions.


Starting at

3,900 CAD /mo


Starting at

9,250 CAD /mo


Starting at

14,650 CAD /mo


Perfect for large-scale, complex environments.

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